Introducing LexTrust

LexTrust is a Trust Account bookkeeping service designed exclusively for law firms as a cost effective alternative to the traditional in-house model. Our expert team provides assistance to your firm, delivering a secure and reliable trust accounting service with strict adherence to all legislative requirements. They are specialists in this niche field, and guarantee reliable support and expertise to ensure your firm is compliant.

We have the tools, technology and expertise to run your firm’s daily Trust Account operations. We ensure that you have access to our specialist trust accounting professionals, every business day of the year, providing continuity of your Trust Account operations and reducing operational risk to your firm.

LexTrust Explained

How LexTrust Works

Our remote team safely and securely accesses your firm’s Practice Management System (PMS). We record the trust account ledger entries, per the legislative requirements, directly into your PMS. Your data is always retained within your network and stored on your firm’s servers. Our team will also setup Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs) on your behalf ready for your firms approval.

We can support any combination of PMS and bank relationship that your firm has. We have an online portal for your firm to submit instructions to our trust accounting team.

LexTrust Proven Success

In the past 12 months the LexTrust team has processed

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LextTrust Includes:

  • Daily bank reconciliation

    Including notification of unclaimed trust account deposits

  • Recording receipts

  • Recording payments

  • Setting up EFT payments

    Payments sent to Responsible Person at your firm for approval

  • Trust to Office Transfers

  • Trust Investments

  • Monthly Reporting

    Per Law Society requirements

  • Monthly maintenance

    Dormant Balances, Unpresented Cheques, Unidentified Deposits

  • Ensure compliance with legislation

    All documents and client authorities saved

  • Annual Audits

    We liaise with the Auditors on behalf of your firm

  • Law Society Inspections

    We liaise with the Law Society on behalf of the firm

  • Public Trustee Lodgments

  • Statutory Deposits

    Calculation and reporting (State specified)