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Finance, information technology, and human resources made simple.

Our Services




We take the stress away from running your Trust Account - the most heavily regulated aspect of any law firm. With years of expertise working with law societies across all states, we ensure your firm is kept compliant at all times.

Our solution covers all requirements, from the lodgement of client funds, EFT transfers, to cheque payments. We will co-ordinate the annual trust account audit and lodge your returns with the law society.

trust accounting services



Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger Accounting

Transactional accounting is the bedrock of your firms financial reporting. Without it you would not be able to make informed decisions and your business would grind to a halt.  

Our focus is to enter data once, correctly, and use automation relentlessly. 

transactional accounting services



Rules and regulations are constantly changing and it is a time consuming process to keep up to date and ensure procedures are amended to maintain compliance.  

We can assist with Business Activity Statements, Income Tax returns, Fringe Benefit Tax, Audited Financial Statements, ASIC Lodgements, Single Touch payroll, and more.

compliance services


business planning and forecasting

Planning is the foundation of any good business. That's why we make it our job to help you by engaging with stakeholders, devising strategies tailored to your specific circumstances and business objectives. 

We understand that strategy isn't a 'set and forget' activity. As your business evolves, we can assist in updating the plan to show you the financial implications on strategic changes and changes in the market place, keeping you ahead of the game at all times.

planning and forecasting services


credit card and travel

Operating in a professional services environment requires your people to be on the move. We have partnered with with Serko, Uber for Business and CT Connections to provide a land and air travel program that leverages our combined purchasing power to get better rates and to ensure that business expenses can be reconciled in a couple of clicks.

travel expense services



Our payroll specialists ensure that your employees are paid on time and that your firm is compliant with its superannuation and payroll tax obligations.

In addition our team will handle all employee payroll related enquires through our dedicated payroll helpline. 

payroll services


debtor management

Bring your debtor management process into the digital age to accelerate your cash flow and get your working capital working for you.

LexVeritas leverages industry leading technology and expertise to deliver our best practice debtors solutions. Your clients are provided with an easy-to-use self-service portal which carries your firm’s brand and colour scheme. Your clients can use the portal to review their client account, obtain copies of invoices, make payment via a full suite of payment methods, propose payment arrangements, schedule future payments, and lodge invoice disputes and enquiries.

Each of your clients are assigned a collections strategy which is fully customisable to reflect your client relationship and your desired collections approach. The collections strategy defines the collections workflow, being a combination of automated email, SMS reminders and manual emails and phone calls at agreed time intervals. All reminders display your firm’s brand and your clients can click a link in the reminders to make payment, or access any of the portal functions.

Human Resources


workforce planning

Planning your workforce is an essential part of the safeguarding your business into the future.

With our team, you will have access to dedicated human resource professionals who will assist you in identifying and meeting your future workforce requirements.

We make it our business to understand your business, to be able to provide you with the most appropriate services suited to your organisation, helping map out your staff and help you identify business critical talent you need to acquire, develop and nurture.

workforce planning services



The recruitment process can take up a significant amount of time for any hiring manager. 

In a bid to alleviate the time commitment from you, our team will discuss with you your recruiting requirements, helping identify and understand the capacities you seek in order to enhance your business. 

We then go to market on your behalf, using a combination of recruiting methods, We will then proactively identify and reach out to potential candidates, shortlist interviews, and assist in the selection process until you reach the point where you have found a candidate you wish to hire. 

recruitment services



Identifying a candidate can seem like a long process, but this is just the beginning.

Employee onboarding starts from the moment a decision is made on who to hire. This includes everything from issuing offers of employment to deploying all relevant induction materials. 

Induction consists of a series of short online videos and compliance training, specific to your organisation. These are available completely online, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere.

In the background we organise your new employee's access to all systems and resources they require, for them to commence work on day one, and commence billing on day one. 

onboarding services



Administration is a word we all love to hate. Unfortunately, though, change is inevitable in a business, and when changes arise they need to be dealt with in a swift and timely manner. 

To aid the adjustment process, we offer employee services through our partner platform, Employment Hero. This platform gives your staff direct access to leave requests, salary adjustments, payslips, and more, leaving you with final decisions - not the administrative processes along the way. 

administration services



Part of developing your workforce is to ensure all staff members continue to learn and develop within your organisation. 

We will work with your business to develop materials to keep staff up to date on their technical skills and ensure they meet their ongoing compliance requirements.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) consists of a database with over a thousand of development and compliance videos on a large range of topics.  We will develop a package suite to your organisation. We will further monitor compliance with regards to mandatory training and provide feedback to your leaders and managers.

professional development services



Business success is a direct result of managing your business’ performance.

We will assist your organisation in an annual review process to ensure leaders, managers and staff are meeting to discuss performance and the impact on the firm. We will assist you identify excellent performers, to create a plan on how to further develop them, keep them engaged and incentivised.

We are experienced in managing staff performance, good or poor, and we will work with you to enhance your business performance through ensuring your staff’s performance is aligned with your business goals. You can engage our staff on more sensitive matters when there is a need to establish performance improvement plans for any of your staff members.

performance management services


SALARY bench-marking

Securing top talent is crucial to a firm.

We will assist in salary bench-marking to make sure you are competing appropriately in the marketplace. We will be able to advise you on comprehensive remuneration packages, including incentives schemes and bonus structures.

salary benchmarking services

Information Technology


managed it Support & services

Our experienced Service Desk team are here to ensure that your team has an optimised technology experience.

From managing user accounts, installing new software applications and troubleshooting issues, we are here to help.

IT support services


Network, data centre & Cloud

We work to take the complexity out of implementing and operating the IT infrastructure that underpins the productivity of your workforce.

Our Infrastructure team are focused on delivering high-quality service – robust, resilient and reliable.

network services


End-user computing

Optimise your technology fleet with Lexveritas' End User Computing services. We help to manage the lifecycle of your computing hardware and mobile device fleet.

end-user services


security management

Information security is an increasing concern in today’s globally digital environment. With so much personal and commercial information stored online or on a computer, it opens us up to different avenues of cyber-attack.

 We partner with leaders in the IT security space to ensure your firm is locked down from any attempts to infiltrate its systems. We also provide training to staff to minimise risk in both their work and personal lives, because no one wants to get hacked.
it security services


strategic it ROAD-MAP development

In a world of rapidly advancing legal technologies, the firms that thrive will be those that align their strategic ambitions to their technology road-map.

Our team has the experience and capability to help your firm realise its strategic goals by planning, designing and executing an aligned road-map.

it strategy services

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